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Kathleen Kloepfer, CPC, ACC

KathleenKathleen combines over 25 years of business and non-profit experience with her professional coaching certification to challenge and support both individuals and organizations in transforming their performance and results. She has coached and mentored professionals since 2000 and officially obtained her coaching certification in 2006.

Kathleen’s style is practical, grounded, analytical, and sensitive. She collaborates with her clients to identify their specific organizational and developmental needs and then designs a strategy and approach to address those needs. She brings compassion, enthusiasm, and perspective.

Strengths as a Coach

Kathleen’s coaching services produce proven substantial results. Clients say she emanates a level of trust and confidence that allows them to take action and get the outcomes they truly desire. She enables them to discover their own solutions through thought-provoking questions, powerful listening and support.

Kathleen challenges clients to work to their highest potential and they report they are more open and responsive to change, have improved performance and productivity as well as more satisfying relationships.

By working with Kathleen, you will get

  • Clarity and understanding of your beliefs and leadership style. Empowerment to think differently and identify solutions to workplace challenges.
  • Ability to identify your areas of opportunity, set goals, develop strategies, and declare who you need to be.
  • Awareness of your values, motivators, working traits and social styles. Clients report a heightened awareness of how they are showing up and the ability to make empowered choices to create a team and culture they want to work in.

Kathleen lives an active, healthy and balanced lifestyle and encourages others to do the same. In her spare time she enjoys reading, connecting to nature, stretching her mind through the performing arts, playing in the outdoors, and spending time with family.

Kathleen received her coach training from Erickson College International and received her Associate Certified Coach designation from the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the regulating body of the coaching world.

Coaching helped me create greater focus and achieve better results.

Coaching strengthened my communication skills enabling me to become a more effective leader.