Creating Impact

Leadership Coaching

Our Approach

A partnership between the coach and client that broadens the client’s capability, elevates their confidence and aligns their activities with their various role expectations all of which leads to greater productivity and satisfaction.

The foundation of our work is based on the Appreciative Inquiry (AI) model: Focus on the positive, Inquire into best experiences, Co-Create visions of a desired future, Innovate with systems, structures and social architecture. What we focus on we get more of! When an organization focuses on people’s strengths instead of improving their weaknesses, the outcome is new levels of empowerment and possibilities, happier employees and increased efficiency!

The process has four core elements:


Within this process the client’s progress is supported by various roles. At any given time the coach may serve as an advisor, a guide, a resource, a teacher and in doing so will provide the client with encouragement, direction and reflection to support their development.


Assessments are powerful tools to measure strengths, behavioural patterns, natural abilities and default communication styles. The following assessments are particularly successful in improving self-awareness.

Mini 360 Feedback

Good, honest, well expressed and specific feedback is critical for our development. Knowing how others perceive us and experience our behaviour is the core of self-awareness and growth. Following the assessment, we look at how the client’s perception is aligned with that of others and if not, where are the gaps and what steps are needed to bring them into alignment. Executives who rate their skills higher than others are in danger of derailing their career path at some point. Being unaware of the need to change, these leaders continue self-destructive behavior to the point of failure. We use a tailored set of questions that specifically address the clients' areas of concern, giving them pointed and powerful feedback that allow for powerful and transformative work.

Language and Behaviour Profile (LAB)

An interactive process that allows for a clear and agreed understanding of your workplace values, what motivates you, how you process information and make decisions. It helps you to focus on your strengths and areas you may decide to explore and develop stronger skills in order to obtain higher levels of performance. Basic Applications: Leadership Development, Improving Relationships, Increasing Productivity, Assessing a Corporate Culture, Hiring, Right Placing, Team Building, Career Transition.

Social Style Indicator (SSI)

Developed by Merrill and Reid in 1981 as a way to describe our preferred ways of communicating and interacting with others. This useful program provides knowledge that allows one to better understand their own style of communication and that of their colleagues so they can improve interactions and communication within their organization. Basic Applications: Communication Workshops, Team Building, Individual Awareness, Developing Versatility in Groups, Improving Relationships, Improved Sales.

Coaching helped me create greater focus and achieve better results.

Coaching strengthened my communication skills enabling me to become a more effective leader.