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Leadership Coaching


“Kathleen puts her exceptional personal power, which emanates from her radiant being, at the service of her clients. She creates a space for her clients to discover the magnificence of who they are. From this place, they expand the dimensions of their world and create what they might not have thought possible.”

Joan C. King, Ph.D., M.C.C., author of Cellular Wisdom and Cellular Wisdom for Women, coach, trainer and founder of Beyond Success LLC


“I used Kathleen’s services, more specifically her LAB Profile Assessment, to help me choose a business partner. This was a critical decision that would impact my company's future. I could not risk the time or the resources that would've resulted from a poor decision. This process - which I questioned from the beginning - was instrumental in assisting me in the selection of the right candidate. It identified how our working styles were different and how to turn those differences into benefits vs. challenges. It was a very useful assessment that I strongly recommend for all key staff decisions. I am very pleased with the outcome - and so are my clients.”

C.B. Robertson, Twin Feathers Consulting


“On a substantive basis, Kathleen helped me to understand the social styles and tendencies of myself and the people around me. This is extremely important because it helps us to understand behaviors and enables us to communicate from a ‘place of understanding’ rather than a ‘place of assumptions’. Furthermore, Kathleen helped me to work from a perspective of ‘strengths’ and to recognize and celebrate the strengths of others."

Steve Brown, EnCana Corporation


“Kathleen has been my executive coach for the past 12 months. During this time, I have found her to be invaluable towards by personal development. Kathleen is a very professional, capable and caring individual. She is an excellent mentor who possesses the skills to help others expand and grow their capabilities. Through probing, discussion, anecdotes and various exercises, she has helped me to better understand myself and the people and organization I work with. This greater level of understanding has allowed me to significantly hone my skills and effectiveness as a leader.”

Art Toy, SNC Lavalin


“I've been involved in a coaching relationship with Kathleen for nearly two years and during that time I've seen benefits in many areas including increased self awareness, effective goal setting and improved interpersonal communication. Communication is an area that has proven to be particularly beneficial. Kathleen took me through a process that examined my communication style and as the rhythms and patterns emerged, we then explored how others personality types potentially perceive and react to my style. With this increased awareness and understanding, I've been able to more effectively communicate with coworkers and clients as well as friends and family. I would highly recommend Kathleen as an executive coach.”

Tom Choi, QBOX Media & Design


“Kathleen provided LAB Profiles for our new hires and also provided sessions on ”communicating with emotional intelligence” and “creating high performance teams”. The results were almost immediate and remarkable, as our team communications improved as did general office rapport. Her coaching skills and tools were valuable and hit the mark!”

Dennis Bathory, Bathory Associates + Interior Design

Coaching helped me create greater focus and achieve better results.

Coaching strengthened my communication skills enabling me to become a more effective leader.